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From normal wear and tear to unexpected damages to your parking lot, the Task Force Services team of professionals is here to provide maintenance and repair services for all of your onsite commercial parking equipment and systems.


Why Choose TF Services for Parking Lot Equipment Maintenance & Repair in Austin

As the premier parking lot maintenance and repair company, we understand the importance of keeping the equipment and systems in your parking facility maintained and working properly. From repairing a gate to replacing old speed bumps, Task Force Services’ experienced team can provide quick and efficient maintenance and repair services to your lot.

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Our Maintenance & Repair Standard

Whether we install it or not, we can repair and provide regular maintenance on it! One of our top priorities is to make your life easier. With that in mind, we offer on-call maintenance services at competitive pricing, even offering discounts on specific product installations if you sign up for our regular maintenance package. Proactive maintenance is essential to ensure your equipment and systems stay in working condition for as long as possible.

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Why Task Force?

PARCS Maintenance
Gate arms break and equipment fails, when the unexpected happens you can trust the Task Force Services team to bring your PARCS system back online as quickly as possible.


Parking Guidance System Maintenance
Parking guidance systems provide your customers with a seamless parking experience; if the system unexpectedly goes offline, chaos strikes. Let Task Force Services maintain your parking guidance system to ensure your parking lot stay efficient.


Access Control System Maintenance
To protect your privacy and security, regular maintenance of your access control system is encouraged. Call Task Force for routine access control maintenance to ensure your systems are in good working order.

Swing and Slide Gate Repair
Accidents happen — and a surprisingly common accident we see is someone driving through a swing or slide gate. Task Force comes prepared to handle any level of damage and can also provide regular maintenance to keep your gate in exceptional condition.


Safety Equipment Repair
Traffic, parkers, and pedestrians are tough on your parking lot. From mirrors to speed bumps, we can provide maintenance and repair services for all of your onsite safety equipment.


… and more!
Things happen! Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance and repair services and discounts.

Parking Equipment Repair & Maintenance FAQs

1. Why is regular maintenance important for parking equipment?

Regular maintenance ensures the optimal functioning of parking equipment, reducing the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs.

2. How quickly can you respond to parking equipment repair requests?

We prioritize prompt responses to repair requests, aiming to address issues within the shortest possible time frame.

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