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Task Force Services is a nationwide, vendor-neutral installation company ready to assist you with your parking guidance system install.


Why Choose TF Services for Parking Guidance Systems Installations

Task Force Services works directly with manufacturers and dealers to help you with all aspects of the parking guidance installation. From conduit to final termination, we can install it! Parking guidance systems are designed to assist drivers in efficiently finding available parking spaces using various technologies. This can be overall space counting with signage showing available spaces, monitoring each individual space, and directing drivers through variable message signs to individual open spaces. Task Force Services has installed thousands of individual space sensors, as well as overall count and level counting systems.

Vendors We’ve Worked With

Our Parking Guidance Systems Installation Process

Parking guidance systems are inherently unique to the parking facility they are designed to operate. Our installation team has years of parking guidance experience and will help you value engineer the install of your vendor’s system. We are a nationwide, vendor-neutral business, and have worked with many different companies in the area of parking guidance.

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Parking Guidance System Case Studies

A Parking Guidance System is a real-time inventory of the number of automobiles in a controlled area. Thus letting drivers and parking lot managers know how many parking spots are still available. Here are a few case studies that highlight what Task Force Services and their years of install experience can do for you.

Charles Schwab

TCS International brought in Task Force Services when they needed a company that understood parking. Charles Schwab constructed new facilities in Westlake, Texas, and Austin, Texas. Three new garages received complete single space monitoring systems with LEDs to direct employees and customers to open spaces. This consisted of a complete turn-key installation including:


  • 6,700 Single-Space Sensors
  • 172 Directional Aisle Signs
  • 89 Communication Points
  • 27 Directional Sensors
  • 8 Garage Facility Count Signs
  • 50,000 linear feet of Conduit


City of Austin

The City of Austin hired TCS International to install a Parking Guidance System for their downtown garages. Task Force Services was brought in to manage and install the components. This consisted of counting devices at each of the garages to track the number of open spaces available. In addition, signs were installed at the facilities and the main roadway into downtown. Task Force Services installed the counting devices in each of the garages as well as all the signage on the garages and roadway. 


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