Access Control System Installation

Access control systems are convenient security and credentialing solutions for parking garages and shared buildings alike. To ensure you install the most effective system for your facility, call the pros at Task Force for access control installation and maintenance services.


Why Work With Task Force

Installation of access systems is our specialty at Task Force Services. As a vendor-neutral company, we’ve worked on just about any kind of access control system; our choice to operate unassociated with a specific vendor gives you the flexibility to choose the best access control technology for your unique needs and budget. Plus, because we specialize in installation of access systems, we are able to install systems faster and more effectively than companies offering similar services.

Vendors We’ve Worked With

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Access control systems, such as card readers and facial recognition systems, deny entry to unwanted visitors on your property more effectively than traditional lock-and-key systems, improving the security and overall safety of your residents. This not only makes your residents feel more comfortable in your facility, but it also makes your life easier as the property manager; if a resident loses their entry card, for example, the entire building wouldn’t need to be rekeyed (as it would in a traditional system).

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Access Control Systems We Install

Find the perfect system for your unique needs.

Card Access Control Systems
Card readers are perhaps the most popular access control solution, requiring visitors to present a proximity card to gain entry. Assign different access rights to different cards for maximum customization!


Transmitter / Clicker Access Control
Similar to garage doors on homes, using a clicker to manage access to your facility can be a simple solution for keeping your tenants safe. These can be tied to an access control system or can be stand-alone.


Fingerprint Recognition Systems
A perfect credentialing option for higher-security buildings like government buildings or luxury apartment complexes. Call the pros at Task Force for system installation and maintenance!

Facial Recognition Systems
As a maximum security option, facial recognition systems require a facial scan to gain access. Task Force can provide, install and maintain a system that works best for your access needs.


Bluetooth® Access Control Systems
Your tenant’s phone is their key to your facility! Bluetooth® access control systems are a convenient, cost-effective way to provide access using the latest technology.


… and more!
As access control experts, we’re open to installing whatever system or technology works best for you. Give us a call to discuss what system would work best for you!

Access Control FAQs

1. Can you supply access cards or key fobs?

Yes, we would be happy to order access cards or key fobs; we work with various vendors.

2. What type of gate repair do you do? 

Swing gates – slide gates – any type of access control.

3. Are you able to install any type of access control?

We work with a variety of companies. Once a property has made the decision on the access control they want, we work with the property and the Access Control Company to install the product in a mutually beneficial manner. 

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