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Whether it is a lot, garage, sidewalks, or common area, Task Force has the equipment and solution to accommodate for your commercial property. We are currently servicing the Texas metro areas.


Why Choose Task Force for Parking Lot Sweeping Services in Austin

With over 50 combined years in the parking industry, Task Force Services is the premier Austin, Texas company you want on your team. Parking lot sweeping service involves attention to detail, along with a good plan and resources to keep your commercial property shining, on a schedule that works for your business. We will create an atmosphere of safety and reliability for your customer base. Task Force Services has what it takes to make and keep your parking lot and exterior inviting, safe, and spotless for each of your customers and tenants.

We are parking services, reinvented.

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Our Sweeping Process

Our team begins by completing a walk-through of your facility, determining exactly the scope of the area, and the needs of the operation. Task Force utilizes state-of-the-art equipment following all environmental and state regulations to clean and maintain your property in a manner that exceeds your expectations. After each scheduled sweeping service, we send photographs to management, documenting services rendered. Let our knowledgeable professionals handle your sweeping needs.

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Benefits of Investing in Regular Sweeping Services

First impressions count and perception is reality. A clean property tells your customers and tenants that you are invested in your facility. The hard part? People litter. Nature happens. Dirt and debris find their way to your parking lot, parking garage, and external areas. What you need for your property is sparkling clean on autopilot. Get your sweeping service and power washing on a regular schedule with Task Force Services, and never stress about the conditions of your external areas again.

Contact us today and together we can create a sweeping schedule that works best for your commercial property.

Health and Safety is Your Number One Priority
A clean property is a healthy and safe property. Our parking lot and garage sweeping service will create a safe and healthy environment for your business.


Routines Solve Problems
Like a well-oiled machine, the exterior of an expertly managed property requires routine maintenance. Scheduled parking lot sweeping and property and parking lot maintenance keep your business at the top of its game. Heading off potentially expensive repairs at the pass.

Excellence is in the Details
A spotless exterior tells your customers that details are important to you. Be certain that when your customers or tenants arrive at your property, it is inviting and it feels clean and secure.


Prevention of Pests
Litter and debris tend to bring in unwanted guests. Keeping your exterior clean and attractive through regular sweeping will mean less risk of pest infestations and increased safety for visitors and clients.

Sweeping Services FAQs

1. Why should I invest in professional sweeping services?

Professional sweeping not only keeps your property clean but also prevents debris buildup, reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

2. How often do I need sweeping services for my property?

Frequency depends on factors like foot traffic, foliage, and weather. Regular monthly or quarterly services are common.

3. Can sweeping services handle large areas, such as parking lots?

Absolutely. Our sweeping services are equipped to handle large areas efficiently, ensuring thorough cleaning.

4. How much would an estimate be for sweeping a property? Does it cost anything to give an estimate for sweeping?

We are happy to do a walk-through of your property and give you an estimate for sweeping free of charge.

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