Toll Tag and AVI Reader Equipment Installation

Task Force Services has many years of experience installing and maintaining various AVI Reader parking solutions.


Why Choose TF Services for Toll Tag and AVI Reader Installations

TagMaster and TransCore are just two of the industry leaders that Task Force Services works with to install long-range automatic vehicle identification solutions (AVI). The Task Force team has installed over 500 lanes of AVI Readers nationwide. Whether your property requires readers, tags, software, or other AVI accessories, Task Force Services has worked with multiple vendors and clients installing exactly the product needed for the job.

Vendors We’ve Worked With

Our Toll Tag and AVI Reader Process

Each facility that uses toll tag and AVI reader technology is unique in its needs and operations. Location and placement are key in toll tag and AVI reader installation. Our group of professionals will listen and formulate an installation plan, working with your vendor, to ensure your install is prompt and seamless.

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Toll Tag and AVI Reader Case Studies

Here are just a few of our many experiences with Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems (AVI).

Emory University
Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia,  included an install of 84 lanes of Nedap AVI Readers, upgrading from outdated equipment in a short time frame. This was a unique AVI reader install that incorporated swing and slide gates, and automatic bollards.


Aspen Colorado Airport
This airport project involved ten lanes of PARCS equipment that included AVI for employee parking and bus/taxi transportation lanes. Our experts used TransCore AVI with FlashParking kiosks and Magnetic AutoControl gates. This airport facility was a remote location, involving the need for detailed planning to ensure there were no delays or return trips necessary keeping everything on schedule.

Frost Tower, San Antonio, Texas
The Frost Tower in San Antonio included eight lanes in the newly constructed office building in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Task Force Services expert team created custom fabricated AVI brackets required for this unique application. This installation included TagMaster AVI, FlashParking kiosks, and Magnetic Autocontrol gates.


Meydenbauer Center
Working with Skidata, Task Force Services upgraded the PARCs system at the Meydenbauer center. The new system included multiple lanes of equipment and signage. Transcore AVI readers were mounted in each lane to control the overhead doors for after-hours use. The AVI readers sped up the process of moving vehicles in and out of the facility with no interaction from the customer.

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