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Quality striping services ensure your commercial parking lot or garage stays safe, orderly, and welcoming to all of your visitors. From measurements to design and layout, trust the experts at Task Force Services for parking lot striping services.


Why Choose Us For Parking Facility Striping Services?

Task Force Services offers comprehensive parking lot striping services across Austin, TX, with a variety of professional and affordable striping applications. Boasting over 50 years of combined industry experience, our team expanded into parking lot striping to provide our customers throughout Austin, with full-service, high-quality parking lot solutions. Our expertise is unmatched, and you’ll enjoy one-stop shopping when you choose Task Force for your commercial parking lot striping needs!

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Our Process For Parking Lot Striping in Austin

Our process begins with one of our experienced team members visiting your lot or garage, noting its size, and the condition/type of its current striping. We then offer an accurate, competitive cost estimate for the job, completely unique to your space and goals. If you decide to move forward with us, we’ll bring in our top-of-the-line Graco parking lot striping machines, and select paint to suit your budget and durability needs. From handicapped spots to fire zones, we have the equipment, products, and expertise to get the job done right.

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Why Hire A Professional?

Parking lot striping requires precision and practice, and that can be a lot to take on yourself. That’s why we recommend you leave the hard work to the professionals. We have the right equipment, the right experience, and the right skill set to keep your parking lot clean, accessible, and safe for years to come.

Red and yellow paint striping in underground parking garage Fresh, yellow paint striping in uncovered outdoor parking lot in Texas

Why Task Force?

Task Force Services is your local parking lot striping service, with competitive rates and materials to fit any project. As parking lot experts, we have the know-how you need to get high-quality and expert results. We offer regular maintenance and speedy repairs, so you can rest assured that your lot will remain well-maintained for your visitors to enjoy!

Local Customers
No matter your industry, we’re here to provide high-quality parking lot striping. From universities to airports and beyond — if you’re located in the Austin area, our services are for you!


Ease of Use
Striping a parking lot for your commercial property yourself requires time out of your busy schedule. Let the experts at Task Force tackle the striping so you can get back to the other items on your to-do list!

Comprehensive Parking Lot Services
Not only do we provide premium parking lot striping services, but we also install bollards, clearance bars, mirrors, speed bumps, signage, and more. It’s your one-stop shop for parking services!


Competitive Pricing
Our striping quotes vary depending on the size and type of parking spots and the paint required to stripe them. For any striping project, however, we offer competitive pricing to best fit your facility and budget.

Striping Services FAQs

1. Why is parking lot striping important?

Striping enhances safety, improves traffic flow, and maximizes parking space efficiency on your property.

2. How often should parking lot striping be refreshed?

Factors like weather and traffic impact the durability of stripes. Typically, re-striping every 1-2 years is advisable.

3. Can you customize striping for specific needs, like ADA compliance?

Yes, our striping services include customization for ADA-compliant parking spaces and other specific requirements.

4. How much would an estimate be for striping a property? Does it cost anything to give an estimate for striping?

We are happy to do a walk-through of your property and give you an estimate for pressure washing or striping free of charge.

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