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Task Force Services is your one-stop shop for all your parking lot and garage safety equipment products and supplies. Trust our experts to install parking safety equipment to keep visitors in your parking lots and garages safe.


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With over 50 years of combined experience in parking lot and garage safety equipment installation, our experts are here to make your life easier and ensure your parking lots and garages are safe for your visitors. We are strictly vendor-neutral to ensure that you’re getting the best safety products and equipment that fit the needs of your parking lot or garage.

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Why Parking Safety Equipment Is Important

Roadways feature countless safety measures to keep drivers safe; parking lots and garages should be no different. In fact, in comparison to roadways, drivers are often more relaxed and distracted while driving in parking lots and garages (and, thus, more likely to make mistakes). The frequent turns and parked vehicles in parking lots and garages mean distracted pedestrians, blind spots, and reduced sightlines — all hazards to the drivers. Task Force Services is here to prevent accidents and keep drivers and pedestrians safe in your parking lots and garages.

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Parking Safety Products We Install

We offer a wide range of parking lot safety equipment products from signage to clearance bars. Our experienced installation team is here to help you ensure the highest standard of parking lot and garage safety.

Bollards, Barriers, and Delineators
Designed to catch the attention of drivers to prevent crashes and protect designated areas. These are cost-effective and simple ways to protect pedestrians, equipment, and structures.


Clearance Bars
Clearance bars warn drivers of the height restrictions in your parking garages and help prevent damage to your property.


Safety Mirrors
Convex mirrors improve visibility for both drivers and pedestrians within parking lots and garages. Mirrors allow drivers to navigate blind spots and give pedestrians additional visibility when navigating through a parking structure.

Speed Bumps
Designed to control the speed of traffic in designated areas of your parking lots and garages.


Parking lot and garage signage are essential to regulate parking and traffic flow for vehicles. Designated entrance and exit signage, for example, are essential to facilitate traffic flow.


… and more!
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