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From striping to sweeping, Task Force Services is Austins’ premier commercial parking lot maintenance company. We have the technology and expertise to make almost any job happen at a competitive price.

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About Task Force Services

Headquartered in Austin, Task Force Services is responsible for managing the regular maintenance of commercial parking lots and garages across Texas. We understand that your parking lot is one of the first things a customer sees during their visit, and therefore must be held to the same standards for cleanliness and functionality as any other aspect of your business location. Our regular parking maintenance services — including striping, pressure washing, and equipment repair — ensure your parking lot or garage makes the best first impression.

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Pressure Washing

We use Cyclone pressure washing technology to ensure your parking lot or parking garage is free of dirt, debris, and everything in between. Our Cyclone fleet of pressure washing equipment is not just one of the most efficient groups of machines on the market, but they are also one of the most ecologically friendly.

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Striping Services

Freshen up the look of your parking lot! Weather and traffic can take a toll on your parking area’s paint, and unclear striping in your lot or garage risks the safety and satisfaction of your visitors. Using only the highest quality of durable paint, our striping services ensure long-lasting markings on all surfaces.

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Sweeping Services

Sweeping your parking garage or lot frequently helps to reduce the build-up of organic materials, dirt, and debris that detract from the appearance and add more costs in future cleaning. Let us help you by performing routine sweeping services at your property.

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Parking Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Stuff happens, and sometimes things get broken in the process — especially if vehicles are involved. Depending on your preference, our team can be available on either a regular or an on-call basis, ensuring your parking equipment is consistently in working order and repairs are completed as quickly as possible.

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We maintain and install parking equipment and systems. As a nationwide, vendor-neutral installation company, we’ve installed systems in 38+ states.

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